Speed Power Explosive

The Speed-Power-Explosive class puts a strong emphasis on first step quickness , change of direction, speed and power output. With a combination of explosive movements this course is great for pre-season sport conditioning. 

VertiMax Flight School

VertiMax Flight School is the most proven training course at The Bullitt Training Center. With a combination of movements on the V8 VertiMax and The Air Jumpers, athletes have increased in the vertical jump an average of 3-6 inches over an 8 week time frame. VertiMax Flight School is the Premier training course for increasing the Vertical Jump!



Diamond 60 Baseball Training is a Speed and Core Power based program that uses explosive movements to increase bat speed and first step quickness. The more explosive an athlete can be the futher the ball can travel and also ramp up the speed from hand to glove. With a comnbination of specific movements related to the game of Baseball/Softball. Diamond 60 Training is the best training course for your baseball off-season needs. 

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