The Sports Club

A sports based after school program that focuses on the development of overall youth athletics. We emphasize balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, speed and agility. All skills are instructed by former Professional and Collegiate Athletes. Our mission is to maximize extra curricular activity through a sports based program that will develop overall athleticism and social skills.

  • Doors Open - 3:30pm

  • Pick-Up - 5:45 to 6:00pm

  • Kindergarten-5th Grade 


Sports For Everyone

Building Confidence Through Sports






Sports Club Fun

Designed to Enhance Hand Eye Coordination and Multiple Skill Development

With schools only required to have a minimum 27 minutes of physical activity daily, our kids are not meeting half of the equivalent of the recommended 60 minutes per day. At The Bullitt Experience we exceed the expectations and strive for more. With a sports based learning environment our young athletes can develop athletically as well as socially by learning the values of hard work and team bonding skills.


Age Appropriate Workouts

Our workouts consist of multiple bodyweight movements that increase strength and aid in bone density. Push-ups, squats, and lunges are essential to young athletes becoming stonger and moving better. While getting stronger our athletes will also increase speed, agility and flexibility. All while achieving one goal, to become Better Everyday!

Multiple Sports Development

The age from 5 to 11yrs is prime for gaining an understanding of multiple sports. At The Sports Club we do not want to specialize but introduce a variety of sports. Each day athletes participate in a different sport, volleyball, basketball, soccer and football. This creates a confident more well rounded athlete that can adapt to any playing enviornment.