The Dark Work Is Shinning Bright

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

At 6:30am most 14 year old athletes are in deep sleep hitting the snooze button repeatedly, dreading the school day ahead. This is not the case for Rockwall Heath C/O 2022 SS Jett Williams. With the sun rising, Williams is drenched with sweat, in full stride on 70 yards of sand with a resistance harness strapped to his waist. Ahead of him for the workout, 10 sprints with the Run Rocket resistance sled followed by explosive movements in the weightroom. Entering his freshman year, Jett knew it would be difficult making the Varsity roster, but making it was not the goal. The mission was to be the absolute best Jett Williams possible!

Defeating The Odds

What was a silent dream is quickly becoming reality. Standing at 5"7 and 155 pounds Williams is not the most physically imposing athlete, but his speed and explosive attributes mimic those at the professional level. At 15 years old Williams clocked a 6.6 60yd dash and topped off at 92mph on the mound at The Area Code Showcase in front of over 100 College and MLB Scouts. To be invited to such an event is an honor, but to dominate puts you in a "special" category.

The Rockwall Heath standout has an impressive offer list entering his sophmore campaign.

  • Texas A&M

  • Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma State

  • Stanford

  • TCU

  • Houston

  • LSU

  • Dallas Baptist

  • Arkansas

  • Texas

Receiving multiple accolades from Underclassman of the year to invites to some of the top prospective showcases in the country, (Under Armour All-American Game) Williams has shined at all levels. With versatility to man the shortstop position as well as range to track down the deepest hits outfield. What is most impressive is Jett has topped off at speeds as high as 92mph on the mound, showing high velocity and consistent control.

Humble at Heart

With social media today, for athletes to receive mountains of praise at such a young age could be detremental. This is not the case for Williams. Fifteen minutes early for workouts and ready to grind with a smile on his face. That is Jett! The work simply is not done. When asking Williams of his goals for this season, they were straight forward answers, with the first being every coaches dream. "The first goal is to win district, after that win state and then I want to be All-District Infield." The team first attitude is what makes Williams exceptional. Not the ability to play multiple positions at a high level, but the willingness to do whatever it takes for the team win. This shows the sign of a true champion and the character that coaches look for on and off the diamond.

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