Positional Clinics

Program Overview:Join our Positional Clinics this offseason to elevate your game! This specialized program is designed to help players refine their skills and enhance their positional play. Whether you’re a Setter, Outside/Right Side Hitter, Libero/Defensive Specialist, or Middle Blocker, these sessions offer targeted drills and expert coaching to improve your technique, strategy, and overall performance.


🗓️June 3rd-June 27th

⏰7:15 - 8:15pm

🏐Monday/Wednesdays 11-14s


🏐Thursdays 15-17s


📍Bullitt Training Facility,

8900 Princeton Rd, Rowlett,

Texas 75089


🏐Monday/Wednesdays 11-14s

6/3 - Passing Fundamentals

6/5 - Advanced Passing Fundamentals

6/10 - Serving Fundamentals

6/12 - Serving & Serve Receive Fundamentals

6/17 - Setting Fundamentals

6/24 - Passing & Serve Receive to Setting Progression

6/26 - Hitting & Game Situtations

🏐Thursdays 15-17s

6/6 - Serve Receive ( for DS/Liberos)

6/6 - Hitting Speciality (for Hitters - OH, RS, MB)

6/13 - Defense (for back row players & Setters)

6/13 - Blocking (for Hitters & front row Setters)

6/20 - Out of System Passing (for DS/Liberos)

6/20 - Out of System Hitting (for front row hitters)

6/27 - Game Situation (ALL positions)

What to Expect:

Expert coaching from experienced instructors dedicated to helping players improve their skills.

Structured drills and exercises tailored to enhance serving, passing, setting, spiking, and defensive techniques.

Small group instruction to ensure personalized attention and maximum development for every participant.

What to Bring:

Water bottle to stay hydrated during training sessions

Positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve

What to Wear:

Comfortable athletic attire suitable for movement on the court (e.g., shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes)

Knee pads Required for safety during training activities

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