Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: I want to sign my son/daughter up for training. Can I pay cash, check or credit card?

Answer: All signups are through our website. There are multiple plans to choose from but there are no in person transactions.

Ques: I would like to come in and watch trainings and or practices. Can I come inside and watch?

Answer: With the current situation of Covid-19 our number one priority is the safety of the athlete. Our facility is very unique. We have multiple athletes in multiple sports, at this time it is in the best interest of everyones health and safety to limit foot traffic by having athletes only inside the training facility.  

Ques: We signed up for monthly training but we missed a few days. Do we get makeup days for the time missed?

Answer: Our monthly training is grouped based and ran Monday-Thursday. We do not have makeup days for monthly training. However if you book private sessions you can set the dates and book at the flexibility of you and the coach. 

Ques: If I set private lessons. How long do I have for them to be completed.

Answer: Once private sessions are booked, you have 30 days from booking to complete them. 

Ques: Are the prices negotiable and can I get a discount?

Answer: All of our coaches are either former Collegiate or Professional athletes. For most of them this is their full time jobs. They take their work very seriously and love working with athletes. We provide a beautiful facility along with high level training and coaching. Please respect the training prices and rates as they are set very fair with the training market. Our coaches are not in it for the money. They truly love what they do!

Ques: Do you have sibling discounts?

Answer: Yes! We offer a sibling discount on training programs of 25% off the second child and an additional 10% off the third child. 

Ques: What does my athlete need to bring to workouts

Answer: Always bring tennis shoes, cleats, small towel, water and a training bag to put your belongings in.