The Bullitt Football Academy is an Elite Offseason training program that focuses on the Northeast DFW area. Our training headquarters is The Jerry Bullitt Training Center in Rowlett, Tx. BFA coaches will focus on teaching and enhancing skills of all players to make them competitive and develop them to play at a higher level on Friday Nights! We are looking for players from 8u-18u who are committed to improving their skills and competing against elite talent. We provide insights to parents on the recruiting process, NCAA Eligibility Requirements and ways to help your son get noticed by college scouts. We are truly here to assist each athlete and help them receive exposure during the recruiting process. Athletes will receive training from the Bullitt Training coaches. Skills training include speed, agility and position specific skill development.   





Development Through Competition


High School BFA and OL-DL Linemen

The BFA High School Teams compete in multiple tournaments against high level competition across the state of Texas. Our goal is to devlop exceptional athletes by training and competing against the best talent in the state. BFA OL-DL Lineman will learn the proper pass blocking techniques along with pass rush, and compete in Livestream one on one pass rush showcases!

Middle School BFA and OL-DL Linemen

The Bullitt7v7 Middle School Teams have a priority of development. The middle school division is the prime age of developing and enhancing skills to prepare athletes for the high school level. Our focus is teaching the basic concepts of the passing game offensively and defensively. BFA OL-DL Lineman will learn the proper pass blocking techniques along with pass rush. The BFA Middle School program is the perfect training plan for young athletes looking to excel.

Summer Heatwave Flyer.jpg

Road 2 The Summer Heatwave Starts Here

  • 8 Varsity Teams Max

  • 8 15u

  • 8 14u

  • 8 12u

April 10th-11th.. Road to the Summer Heatwave Starts! 


Focus on Friday Nights

Once the tournament season concludes. We enter the next phase of training with our summer workouts.
With two days of positional skill work and two days of speed, strength, agility, and conditioning Bullitt7v7 athletes are primed and conditioned to shine on Friday Nights!



Train with Purpose

Private Training sessions are a excellent way to receive 1on1 or small group attention from one of our experienced coaches who specialize in specific positions. Our staff boast a impressive resume with playing experience at the Division-I and the NFL level.


Terrance Bullitt

Bullitt7v7 Director  
Linebacker-DB Coach


Sadale Foster

WR Coach


Greg Meek

WR Coach

Jonathan Miller

Runningbacks Coach


Kendall Robinson

OL-DL Coach


Melvin Bullitt

Secondary Coach

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