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4 great benefits of flag football

Athlete of the Month

That’s what makes flag football such a great alternative. It keeps kids interested in the game and develops their football skills while increasing their safety on the field. The following are some other benefits of flag football:

1. Less required equipment

In flag football, there’s no need for heavy padding or even helmets. This makes it much easier to jump in and join the game, and there’s less of a learning curve when it comes to body movement. Flag football players can focus on the game itself without worrying about restricted movement or lack of visibility.

2. Learning skills faster

Because there’s no physical contact in flag football, athletes can concentrate on learning body mechanics and football skills faster. This also makes the game more accessible to children, since even very young athletes can participate without the fear of getting hit.

3. Focus on athleticism

Flag football emphasizes athleticism and agility. Without the option of tackling opponents, athletes must learn how to skillfully maneuver on the field in order to de-flag other players.

Aggressive contact is out of the question, so players must hone their skills in other ways to achieve success. Grabbing a flag can actually be more challenging than making a tackle!

4. Transfer of skills

For beginners and intermediate players, flag football is the best way to introduce the game and develop fundamental skills. As athletes get older and become more comfortable with physical contact – and perhaps want to continue training with the goal of going pro – the skills they’ve learned through flag football will transfer extremely well to tackle football.


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