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At Bullitt Volleyball Academy our mission is to develop and enhance the volleyball abilities of young athletes. Our goal is to create a competitive atmosphere while having the ability to focus on each athletes individual skills. Through competitive practices, performance training and high level gameplay our athletes will maximize their potential and compete against the best athletes in the country.


 July 8th & 9th | Tryouts​​

  • 10 Girls per roster

  • 2 practice squads spots

 August - November​​

  • VertiMax Training

  • Positional Skills Clinics

 December - April​​

  • December Pre-Season Team Practices

  • Jan-April Tournament Season

  • Teams compete in 7-10 tournaments in NTR, USA Volleyball sanctioned events

 May - June​​

  • Nationals

  • AAU's

  • Offseason Training

  • Sandpit Training

  • Skills Clinics and Positionals

National Select Volleyball Academy located in Rowlett TX. Collegiate structured program who is looking for 12 athletes per team. BVA is seeking players who are committed, accountable, skillful, coachable and love the game of Volleyball.

Once teams are formed we enter our fall season training period. During this time our middle school and high school athletes are more involved with their school practices. We will focus on developing lower body strength, being explosive and fine tuning our skills by implementing vertical training and conducting weekly skills clinics.

Bullitt Volleyball teams compete in the North Texas Region of USA Volleyball. We play in 7-10 NTR sanctioned tournaments and 2-3 USAV National Qualifiers.

The post season puts a heavy emphasis on building our strength, increasing vertical and improving change of direction. During this time period we will host tryouts for our summer AAU roster to compete in AAU Nationals in Florida. Pre tryout clinics and positional will take place weekly to help prepare athletes for tryouts in July. 


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For more Bullitt Volleyball Academy information, please inquire below.

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