The Bullitt Experience


The Bullitt Experience is a family friendly Multi-Sports Complex designed to promote confidence and fun, no matter the sport or activity. The Bullitt Experience offers competitive sports teams, tournaments, performance training, and youth camps.

Our goal is to help athletes reach their highest potential.


About Us

At The Bullitt Experience we are a group of experienced coaches with backgrounds in collegiate and professional sports. Our goal is to encourage and enhance each athletes individual skills and help them build the confidence needed to excel in their sport.

The goal is to strive to be Better Everyday!

The Jerry Bullitt Training Center


The Bullitt

The Jerry Bullitt Training Center is a 22,000sq foot athletes dream. From Volleyball to Soccer, The Bullitt has all of the amenities to help young athletes reach their goals of playing at the next level.


The Weightroom

3,500sq foot of athletic performance. Our weightroom is geared toward speed and explosive power. Our goal is to become stonger and faster with movement. With the use of dumbbells, medballs, kettlebells, along with performance devices such as the VertiMax The Bullitt Experience is the prime location for building better athletes.


The Gym

The gym features 4 Volleyball Courts and 2 interchangeable Basketball Courts. With 19,000sq feet of beautiful sport court flooring, our athletes have plenty of space to play basketball, volleyball, and futsal!


Covered Outdoor Training

The outdoor training area is the favorite training spot for our Bullitt Athletes. 25yds of covered turf to work on speed, agility and explosive movements all while enjoying a shaded outdoor atmosphere. 


Sand Volleyball Courts

In sports, speed is king! Sand training is a excellent method for developing speed, and enchancing agility while strengthening stabilizer muscles around the knees and ankles. 


Batting Cages

At The Bullitt Experience we feature 3 60x15 batting cages to give our baseball and softball players the tools they need to dominate the diamond!


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8900 Princeton Rd, Rowlett, TX 75089, USA

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